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From just £4 per month you  can receive great business advertising on our new Stoke On Trent, Staffordsire Business Directory. Its a full webpage with built in video too if you have youtube. Oatcake Business Directory.  Superb advertising. Targeted locally . Plus we do more for you. Be quick, sign up this year and no price increase for next year, Guaranteed.

A superb opportunity for affordable, targeted exposure for your business


Main Station Banner Adverts

Showcase your Business on our Main Radio pages  £99 PA. Obtain Prime Spots and become a sponsor upgrades to add to the directory too, for extra exposure. To find our more of our amazing exposure deals through Radio & Social Media please drop us a line

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Get a Radio Advert produced and played,  Every Hour, Every day, A banner on the prime sponsors and radio station home page and also prime full page listings in the Business Directory, Daily shares on twitter, facebook, instagram plus more, ALL YEAR. for just £30 Per Month. Beat that

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What You Will Get with oatcake radio

Business advertising stoke on grent newcastle under lyme

Its Not Just Radio Adverts, Its much more

For the price of a tiny advert in the local paper, we can give you an amazing deal

Radio Advert Produced & Played Day & Night

We will design, produce your own radio advertisement, and play the advert at least every hour, of every day and night, for a whole year. 

Video advertisement for social media

Not only will be produce this advertisement, but we will also add this advert to a video that we will create, and provide to you so you can share wherever you like, we do not hold the rights, we give this to you as a gift, but dont forget we will also share this all over our pages, our associated websotes and social media platforms, all year

A FULL PAGE Business Listing On The Business Directory

As part of this deal we also give you a full webpage on the Oatcake Business Directory.  Your Own control panel, full direct enquiries, you can add your youtube videos, images and company profile & Description. Its a full webpage so if you dont have a website you can use this as your domain. Absolutely stunning.

But we dont stop there.

Image Banner Link

A main image banner link on a prime position on the admin station website, linked to your website or with your contact details or facebook page, whichever suits you.

Membership to The Oatcake Network Club

This is a private club for the supporters of Oatcake Radio and our work. This is where we meet up, in persona plus have membership of the private facebook group. We give eachother leads, sales, contracts and discounts, As a reward to eachother for supporting our community. Its amazing.

All this and all the above for £350 by clicking the link below or caontacting us for transfer details.  Or you can also spread the cost over 12 months  With £50 payable up front, followed by  £30 per month, Bonkers, but we are all about the community, not the money. 

This is an unbelieveable opportunity and we will allow just one kind of business in each field. at first, we are looking for 100 companies, that we call our top 100. So large or tiny this monthly price plan for 12 months is just amazing. You couldnt even get a radio advert made, never mind played for this cost, FOR A YEAR?  plus all the other additional social media shares, videos, tweets, full webpage, tweets and networking we will have your investment paid back to you before youve actually paid us, I one example Smiths Dream Beds, signed up and sold 8 beds in the first 10 days of joining us.  So before hed even paid his 2nd payment his wholle year was covered " I am chuffed to bits" is what he shared on Facebook.  Dont believe us?, just ask them . So join Oatcakke Radio, wethere your do the Ironing or you manufacture or sell Mercedes cars, we can work hard for you, you help us, and together we hep the community. Every ones a winner. You cant get better than that.  Join us at Oatcaje Radio. See Our Facebook Page, see our examples or even ask our supporters what we have done for them so far. You will not regret it. the cost is just £50 on sign usp followed by 11 payments of £30 per month, AND JOIN BEFORE APRIL 30TH TO GUARANTEE NO PRICE INCREASE IN YEAR 2.  

Oatcake Radio, A station Of The People.

Putting Business and the community together & creating positivity, building a rewarding relationship for both.

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Supporters of Oatcake Radio

Smiths Dream Beds

hand made childrens beds, hand made funky kids beds made to your requirements

Hand Made Beds for your Children. Funky beds made in Stoke O Trent By hand, & Fitted by the same man that crafted it. Stunning beds, superb prices. 

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Marketing with a difference

accountants Stoke On Trent, Tax advice oatcake radio stoke

Moores Accountancy. Specialists in all aspects of accounting & tax advice.

Proud to support the work of Oatcake Radio

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Planned Office Interiors


Planned Office Interiors. Supporters of Oatcake Radio Stoke On Trent, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire.

If you would like a superb marketing package too please click below

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24 Radio Adverts day and night,  7 days a week, Banner advert on station page plus FREE webpage on the Business Directory.  Normally £3500 PA. Pay just £350 for the whole year!. Be Quick, it will never happen again. 90%  Off.

Buy the deal now using the link below, We will contact you within the hr to obtain details of your business, and have you advert recorded and live within 24 HRS. How Cools That.

Support Community


Supporting local community,

Putting Business & Community together, Creating a circle in our community, where we all win.  Working together to give people chances,  

Best Marketing Packages


Invest in yourself, The most affordable way of marketing in your local area. And we do it hands on. It cannot be beaten. This way we can support you and you can support us, Together we can support community through our workshops & Training.

Tailored packages to suit, 

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