Professional Backing Tracks

Professional Recordings

Used by some of the leading acts our professional backing tracks service offers the UK`s largest selection of backing tracks to enhance your live performance.

Real Instruments- Backing Tracks

Recorded using real instruments meaning an extremely authentic sound, 

 All audio files are recorded in professional studios, with live artists,  in order to provide you with the highest quality material. Files are  available instantly, without DRM and are certified virus-free. 

The Largest Database of Backing Tracks

 more than 51,000 quality instrumentals and cover mp3 versions from all genres available in several formats: 


In addition, we do provide an extensive catalog of karaoke files,  available in WMV and CDG format. Again, several choices are possible:

  • Neutral (black) background: simple and efficient
  • Animated backgrounds with colorful designs synched to the beat, bringing a new dimension to your karaoke files
  • CD+G format for advanced users