PLEASE Help Our Cause

Help Oatcake  We are totally self funded,  Your support will go towards licensing fees,  etc so we can continue to service the community. Your generous donation will fund our mission to give others a platform and hopefully our free workshops

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Help Oatcake Radio Station


Why help us?

Help Oatcake Radio station deliver their community work through radio & Visits. We are self funded using our life savings to bring the service to people that need it. 

Oatcake is a flexible station with a much wider range of music for all music fans, new acts, up coming bands, live sets etc as well as great daytime radio. If you would like to donate, or advertise we would be very happy.

What we do

At Oatcke radio station well we play the music that other stations don`t play, the less commercial music. But yes we do pop too. 

Through Oatcake we help different artists, new acts, bands and performers as well as play music from a  wider range of Genres. Donate to Oatcake Radio Stoke-on-Trent

The Misson-Goal

Within our radio station the mission is, as well as playing a wide range of music, we also offer opportunities to unsigned bands & local talent. You can donate to us any amount, it all helps us to carry on our work in Stoke-on-Trent 

How do people listen?

We broadcast  Oatcake Radio station online. We also have Free Apps to download on any Tablet, Mobile phone device at a touch of a button, As well as being able to listen on smart devices such as Alexa devices.  by saying "Alexa open Oatcake Radio" We are listened to all over the UK and even overseas, not just Stoke-on-Trent. Donate to Oatcake Radio

Ideal for any establishment

The radio station music we play is superb for any place of work, or diner, maybe hotel lobby or receiption of any business, These timeless classics are not interrupted with millions of adverts, just great music and brief announcements and shoutouts to listeners who request one.

Help Us Continue

Donate & help keep it going so that listeners get a better experience. We believe in the talent of Stoke-on-Trent & we will try and support them through our radio station