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Specialist tax accountants. Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire. Supporting Million Radio & Community

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We offer more than anyone, by supporting us, you can get radio ads, both on million radio and oatcake radio, plus a listing on Oatcake Business Directory as well as social media shares. Plus your helping change lives. 

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Support Million Radio and its work supporting Mental Health Through Music

Support Million Radio and its work supporting Mental Health Through Music

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Million Radio -Easy Listening


The Other Side Of The Coin

Million Radio is the other side of the coin to Oatcake Radio. Million Radio is there for the lovers of old school and eaasy listening. We bring back the music from a bye gone age, Taking you back to the time you loved. We play these for you as we know that you cannot hear them on main stream Radio


Mental Health & Music

Music is wonderful for your mental health. When  i used to sing in my grandads care home, i remember singing " Dont laugh at me cuz im a fool" Norman Wisdom. And a little old lady was moving her lips so i walked over. The lady sang every word of this song with me and all the staff were crying. Once i had finished my hour singing i asked the manager why was everyone crying. Her reply blew my mind. She said the lady had been a resident for 8 weeks and had not spoken a word since arriving.

 I knew then that one day i would try and keep this music alive for perople. Its Powerful, It works miracles, Ive seen it.

Craig mckenzie


How To Listen to Million Radio

Many Ways, You can listen directly on this website. Or if you have smart speakers at home, you can add million radio and tell Alexa . "Alexa Play Million Radio" 


We also have FREE Radio Apps for all divices You can download them to your iphone, android or even tablet and listen at a click of a button.

We believe in the power of this beautiful old music, from a time when men wore suits and the lyrics were of love and romance.

The Mission.

Hopefully to get it played into all residential and care facilities, To get the residents invoved and create a radio station By Them, For Them, Aiding the mental health, their sense of importance and a reason.

This is my goal. Maybe youd like to help me?